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Alice Springs, Australia – Setting in Heroine of an Unsound Mind

Faith is a Four-Lettered Word

  • Faith is Lost
  • Faith is Love
  • Faith is Hope
  • Faith is Real
  • Faith is Free
  • Faith is Safe
  • Faith is Life

“Faith is meaningless unless it’s been tested.”

— Faith is Real

The Clara Silver Story

  • Epic Shadows
  • Step Into The Right
  • The Tragic Flaunt
  • Heroine of an Unsound Mind
  • The Runner
  • The Brighter Side of Suffering
  • The Darker Side of Serenity
  • The Golden Triangle
  • The Escort

Life wasn’t just short. Life was a full grown Asian woman with nothing to stand beside but her own fearless reflection.

— The Runner

The Bri Baker Story

  • Blind Love and Devotion
  • Saved For a Better Today
  • America’s Sweatheart
  • See and Believe

“…maybe truth is the absence of its search.”

— Saved for a Better Today

Down with Smack

  • Down with Smack
  • Still Down with Smack

“I always wondered if Mr. Clean had nipples.”

— Still Down With Smack

Truce or Dare

  • Truce or Dare: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Truce or Dare: The Spy Novel

“The only way to reach a two-state solution is to take the most dominant militant groups in Palestine off the face of the earth.”

— Truce or Dare: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Brat

They fed off each other like wounded cannibals too crippled to move through anything but the music.

— The Brat

Listen to HER

“The universe is a simulation. A simulation only you can end. God’s one true playable character in 2047.”

— Listen to HER
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